Tabata Bootcamp

Tabata Bootcamp!  If you’ve found your way here, you know this is my latest venture and I am very excited to be offering this program.  Just a few minutes in front of people doesn’t do the program justice so give me a few moments of your time so I can give you a better understanding of what you’ll get when you sign up for this 8-week program.

First of all, Tabata Bootcamp is not something I just came up with on my own.  It was created by Mindy Mylrea and it is run by her and her husband through a company caller Savvier Fitness.  Mindy is a fitness guru and has her hands in many fitness companies and venues.  She is a master trainer for Schwinn Cycling, Body Bar, Bosu and Flirty Girl Fitness, among may other impressive qualifications.  You can check out more about her here:  As with other fitness companies I’ve been involved with recently, I am so impressed with her level of fitness and commitment to the field and vision for “getting it out there.”  Yes, she sells a product, but she also does A LOT to get fitness into the hands of people everyday so that more and more people can attain a healthy level of living.  This matters to me.  This was one of the biggest draws for me when I was looking into taking the certification course for this class and why I decided to become a trainer.  Her belief in making people healthier was right in line with mine!

Second, Tabata itself is not a new concept.  Based on a study done in 1996 by Izumi Tabata, this high intensity interval training was not born but it’s effects were realized.  High intensity interval trainings, or HIIT workouts, have been the hot thing for awhile now and Tabata is one form.  Here is an article by ACE, “Is Tabata All It’s Cracked Up To Be?” that gets into detail about Izumi Tabata’s study and the benefits of the workout.

On to the benefits of Tabata Bootcamp!  As I said, what I loved about this program is what it does to get people healthy.  Studies have been done proving that it is difficult to lose weight and keep it off with just diet or just exercise alone.  You need to do both.  In order to continue to keep the weight off and maintain a healthy lifestyle by continuing to exercise and eat healthy you need to modify your behavior.  If you live your life like you’re on a diet, it’s probably not going to be easy to keep eating like that and you won’t maintain your weight.  If you are always dragging yourself to the gym and hate it day after day, you’re probably not going to keep it up.  When it comes to eating and exercising, most of us know what we’re supposed to be doing and eating, what choices we’re supposed to be making but for one reason or another we don’t always make the right ones.  Our current behaviors are getting in our way.  The beauty of Tabata Bootcamp is that in this program I will help you tackle, not only the exercise portion, but also nutrition AND behavior modification so that all the work we do over the 8-week program will continue to work for you and will not be lost after the camp is over.

Let me tell you how…

Habits.  We all have them.  Some good.  Some not so good.  There is mixed research about how long it takes to create or to change a habit.  But, the general consensus is that average is about 55 days most actions can become habits.  Hey, this bootcamp is just about that long!  Just enough time for most people to have created some great new healthy habits!!!

Support!  Savvier Fitness, the parent company of Tabata Bootcamp created and maintains for all of its trainers a fabulous website that each boot camper will have access to.  Through this website, we will have 24/7 access to each other.  You and me and you and our entire bootcamp.  You control how much information you want to make public.  (You will store all of your statistics on the website and your profile picture!)  We have a chat room but there is also a personal e-mail space for you to chat just with me.  You will be responsible to keeping a record of your daily food log and your physical activity.  I will keep track of this as well!  I will be able to see this and make suggestions for you where I think we can make improvements and add movement into your day.

Nutrition!  The site includes an entire nutrition package.  A nutrition guide with tools on how to make good food choices.  Daily nutrition videos and a 2-week introductory food meal plan.  One for men and one for women.  You are not required to use this.  It is just a guide and is there for those who would like it.  There is a posted recipe of the day and an entire library of recipes to search through; most are vegan.  Plus, as I said I will be there to monitor your food journals and help you make good food choices.  And…  who doesn’t make better food choices when they have to write things down and know that someone else is going to be reviewing them?  That alone is a great motivator!

EXERCISE!  My favorite part!  The program obviously includes the infamous Tabata workouts.  You will get 3 – 30 minute workouts with me a week!  Plus, you will do a 6 minute workout on your own at home every day with one day off.  You will access this “homework” workout through the website.  Do it first thing in the morning, if you can.  It will give you amazing energy throughout your day and the 6 minutes of working out will continue to burn calories for you long after you stop!  Ahhh…  the beauty of Tabata!!!  Your body actually burns calories recovering from these workouts!  So from the 6 minutes you did work (and 2 minutes is warm up and cool down!) you’ll burn about 50-60 calories working and then up to another 300 the rest of the day!  Worth getting up an extra few minutes for?  For the personal workout sessions we will focus on a different section of the body each day.  Lower body, upper body and then core.  There may be an optional bonus session for a steady state cardio or yoga if you’d like to join in as well.  Many details are still in the works.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell.  Again, I feel as if I’m not doing the program justice.  You just can’t get the feel for it until you’re in it.   If you are not happy with your current program or are looking to add to it, give this a try.  Or, if you are looking  to take that first step, this is for you!  Another great thing about Tabata Bootcamp, this program is not choreographed.  Each workout is done to each boot campers own maximum intensity level and at his/her own speed.  Everyone sets his/her own pace and you will all see results!

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