Do It Anyway

I’m back!  Well, I’ve actually always been here I just haven’t been blogging.  Can you guess why?  Lack of time? Life getting in the way? No material?  Actually, none of those.  OK, maybe a couple of those but a lot more too.  Honestly, I got in my own way.  Once I started this blog I got really excited about it.  I was so into it I started reading about how to do it better.  I found all sorts of material out there; books on how to make money blogging, lots of other bloggers and plenty of websites.  Problem is I found so much out there, so many other people already doing it and in my opinion doing it better that I assumed I just couldn’t compete with that and I quit. Have you been there?

I guess I’m not big on competition.  Typing this though I’m realizing that that is exactly why I started this to begin with.  Not because I wanted to compete but because I wanted to offer a competition-free zone for my thoughts. It’s the same reason I named my fitness business Real Life Fitness.  Real life doesn’t always look the way it’s presented to us out in the world, on social media or just in what people show you.  I’ve never been into that.  I am who I am and if you don’t like it so what?

That’s not always very easy though, is it? I truly believe we need all the help and support we can get just to remind each other that it’s perfectly ok just to be you. Think your thoughts, speak your mind, live your life. Be you! Because you know what? There’s probably someone else out there who loves who you are and wishes they could be just like you because it’s really just like them too.

So, I might not ever make money doing this or be the best blogger out there but I might just resonate with someone else out there who needs to hear what I have to say. And even though it scares me to put myself out there and I fear that I’ll fail by trying and not just by giving up I am doing it anyway.  Sometimes you just have to do it anyway.  Even though you’re scared.  Even though you think no one will think like you. Even when you think no one is listening. Even if you’re afraid you might fail. Do it anyway!

It’s a Good Thing

Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve had a chance to sit down and type out my thoughts.  And even now, it’s a quick note before I run out to the dentist and head back home to catch up on the pile of work I’ve got to do.  However, I am beginning to remember just why I started Real Life Fitness and it’s hitting home how much I need to continue with it.  There are so many wonderful blogs, websites and pages out there that offer workouts, fitness info and advice.  I know I am no where near that level and that tends to make me draw back and do nothing.  I have to remind myself that everyone started somewhere.  I also have to have faith that my path will open up to me as I’m ready.  And so will yours!


So…  that’s all for now as I’ve got to run out the door but just wanted to let you know that I am still here and Real Life Fitness is here and it’s a good thing.  It might be a small thing for now but it’s a good thing and I can’t wait to see where it goes.  Already, I’ve had so much success in my classes with my loyal participants and I can’t wait until I’m able to share what I do with more people so they can as well.

Real Life Advice

In an effort to build my knowledge base I’ve been subscribing to a lot of fitness blogs and pages recently.  I can’t believe how many opinions are out there on what to do and why.  Everyone has an opinion these days, it seems.  I just wanted to give out some quick real life advice when you come across any of these tips, techniques, or bits of wisdom yourself.

  • First of all, don’t believe everything you read!  Just because it’s posted on Facebook or in a blog doesn’t qualify it as fact.  You’ve got a built in ability to judge what’s may be legit and what’s not; go with your gut!
  • Remember that unfortunately, there really are no “get-rich-quick” or “lose-weight-fast” deals out there.  There just aren’t.  There are many different techniques and some work for some people and others work for other people.  Some don’t work for anybody!
  • Finally, just get back to basics.  We all know the deal.  We all really know what we’re supposed to be doing.  The biggest problem is we never want to just get up and do it.  Find your motivation whether it’s internal (willpower) or external (friends and a great class) and get it done.  Your reward will be how you feel not just at the end of whatever you’re about to embark on but, if you’ve chosen correctly, the rest of your life.

Tabata Bootcamp for Kids

My next sessions of Tabata Bootcamp will feature a program for kids. Ideally ages 10 and up but you may use your discretion if you think a younger child can handle the class. Not so much fitness-wise, as the class itself is designed for all levels but attention and focus for the duration of the 45 minute class.

What will this class do for your child?

  • Aside from the physical aspect of the class which will get your child moving for 45 of the recommended 60 minutes of activity they need each day, it will also start to teach them how to make healthier food choices, how to fit more exercise into their day and start to build stronger muscles from head to toe.
  • Even if your child is already involved in sports, this program will target all muscles. Sometimes you will find that during particular sports programs your child may focus on only one muscle group, legs in soccer, for example. Strengthening, toning and stretching all muscles will allow for better sports performance overall in any sport.
  • Another great reason to to sign up is injury prevention. One of my own sons has experienced shoulder pain due to the weight of his backpack. By working the whole shoulder and not just the isolated muscles he needs to lift and carry the bag, he will have the strength in the entire shoulder and avoid potential chronic injury.

My Tabata Bootcamp for kids will begin August 4th at 5:30pm. I will hold an orientation with demo class for the session on Sunday, August 3 at 5:30. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at and when you’re ready to register you can do so from the Programs/Sign-up page.  Cost is only $75 per child and includes 8 small group fun training sessions.

I Love Food

I Love Food!  I really do.  And once upon a time I used to love to bake and cook and eat.  I don’t have much time for a lot of that anymore.  I don’t do as much baking when I do have time though either.  Funny how things change, isn’t it?  There was a time you could walk into my kitchen at any hour and find all the ingredients you needed to make just about any baked good you desired.  Now…  you’d be lucky if you could find flour!  Eggs.  I have eggs!  Well…  I have chickens now so, that’s kind of a given.

So, what changed?  Well, I started paying attention to what I was eating.  Originally, I did it to try to lose weight, as a lot of people do.  Then, I started to notice a trend that started to make me really upset.  As much as there seems to be a growing divide between the “have’s” and the “have-nots” in this world there seems to also be a growing divide between the “real” and the “not-so-real” food out there and most of us don’t seem to quite notice it, at least not right away.

What do I mean?  Well…  how much of what you eat has ingredients in it that you can actually read?  How much of our current “food” is being manufactured instead of grown?  Big business has really managed to make a big business out of food at our expense and the cost is our health.

I have been trying not to buy anything processed.  I try not to buy anything with a lot of sugar in it.  THAT is a huge hurdle since added sugar is everywhere.  I think they need it to mask over the taste of all the crap they throw together in an attempt to create something edible.  When I go grocery shopping, I stick to the perimeter of the store, produce, meat, dairy, etc.  All the interior isles is where a lot of the processed food is kept and what you want to stay away from.  I read an article online recently that talked about the economy and how numbers in the grocery stores did not see any growth at all except in the perimeter of the store.  I was so excited by this news but, of course, the  reaction of big business (they) was what can we do to fix this?  I was so appalled by this?  We should be shouting from the rooftops, “People are finally getting it!  They’re learning!” and be glad that as a nation we are beginning to become healthier in our choices.  But, no!  Big business wants to find ways to lure you back in.

Local farmers and corner markets had to adapt and/or close to succumb to changes and the ways of the times.  Why isn’t big business doing the same?  It’s us.  If we keep buying, they keep selling and making a profit.  Don’t let them.  Maybe it’s time for another shift.  Time to see these local farms and small town stores come back.  Buy local and often, since the good stuff goes bad quickly, not in 12-18 months!  Drive around your towns and get to know your local farmers markets.  Shop your small town shops.  Locally, I’ve got a few favorites of my own and even in the bigger grocery store I know I can buy organic and from local farmers.

So, do I still love food?  Definitely yes!  Am I smarter about what I eat?  Definitely yes!  And guess what, I’m healthier for it now too.


Tabata Bootcamp

Tabata Bootcamp!  If you’ve found your way here, you know this is my latest venture and I am very excited to be offering this program.  Just a few minutes in front of people doesn’t do the program justice so give me a few moments of your time so I can give you a better understanding of what you’ll get when you sign up for this 8-week program.

First of all, Tabata Bootcamp is not something I just came up with on my own.  It was created by Mindy Mylrea and it is run by her and her husband through a company caller Savvier Fitness.  Mindy is a fitness guru and has her hands in many fitness companies and venues.  She is a master trainer for Schwinn Cycling, Body Bar, Bosu and Flirty Girl Fitness, among may other impressive qualifications.  You can check out more about her here:  As with other fitness companies I’ve been involved with recently, I am so impressed with her level of fitness and commitment to the field and vision for “getting it out there.”  Yes, she sells a product, but she also does A LOT to get fitness into the hands of people everyday so that more and more people can attain a healthy level of living.  This matters to me.  This was one of the biggest draws for me when I was looking into taking the certification course for this class and why I decided to become a trainer.  Her belief in making people healthier was right in line with mine!

Second, Tabata itself is not a new concept.  Based on a study done in 1996 by Izumi Tabata, this high intensity interval training was not born but it’s effects were realized.  High intensity interval trainings, or HIIT workouts, have been the hot thing for awhile now and Tabata is one form.  Here is an article by ACE, “Is Tabata All It’s Cracked Up To Be?” that gets into detail about Izumi Tabata’s study and the benefits of the workout.

On to the benefits of Tabata Bootcamp!  As I said, what I loved about this program is what it does to get people healthy.  Studies have been done proving that it is difficult to lose weight and keep it off with just diet or just exercise alone.  You need to do both.  In order to continue to keep the weight off and maintain a healthy lifestyle by continuing to exercise and eat healthy you need to modify your behavior.  If you live your life like you’re on a diet, it’s probably not going to be easy to keep eating like that and you won’t maintain your weight.  If you are always dragging yourself to the gym and hate it day after day, you’re probably not going to keep it up.  When it comes to eating and exercising, most of us know what we’re supposed to be doing and eating, what choices we’re supposed to be making but for one reason or another we don’t always make the right ones.  Our current behaviors are getting in our way.  The beauty of Tabata Bootcamp is that in this program I will help you tackle, not only the exercise portion, but also nutrition AND behavior modification so that all the work we do over the 8-week program will continue to work for you and will not be lost after the camp is over.

Let me tell you how…

Habits.  We all have them.  Some good.  Some not so good.  There is mixed research about how long it takes to create or to change a habit.  But, the general consensus is that average is about 55 days most actions can become habits.  Hey, this bootcamp is just about that long!  Just enough time for most people to have created some great new healthy habits!!!

Support!  Savvier Fitness, the parent company of Tabata Bootcamp created and maintains for all of its trainers a fabulous website that each boot camper will have access to.  Through this website, we will have 24/7 access to each other.  You and me and you and our entire bootcamp.  You control how much information you want to make public.  (You will store all of your statistics on the website and your profile picture!)  We have a chat room but there is also a personal e-mail space for you to chat just with me.  You will be responsible to keeping a record of your daily food log and your physical activity.  I will keep track of this as well!  I will be able to see this and make suggestions for you where I think we can make improvements and add movement into your day.

Nutrition!  The site includes an entire nutrition package.  A nutrition guide with tools on how to make good food choices.  Daily nutrition videos and a 2-week introductory food meal plan.  One for men and one for women.  You are not required to use this.  It is just a guide and is there for those who would like it.  There is a posted recipe of the day and an entire library of recipes to search through; most are vegan.  Plus, as I said I will be there to monitor your food journals and help you make good food choices.  And…  who doesn’t make better food choices when they have to write things down and know that someone else is going to be reviewing them?  That alone is a great motivator!

EXERCISE!  My favorite part!  The program obviously includes the infamous Tabata workouts.  You will get 3 – 30 minute workouts with me a week!  Plus, you will do a 6 minute workout on your own at home every day with one day off.  You will access this “homework” workout through the website.  Do it first thing in the morning, if you can.  It will give you amazing energy throughout your day and the 6 minutes of working out will continue to burn calories for you long after you stop!  Ahhh…  the beauty of Tabata!!!  Your body actually burns calories recovering from these workouts!  So from the 6 minutes you did work (and 2 minutes is warm up and cool down!) you’ll burn about 50-60 calories working and then up to another 300 the rest of the day!  Worth getting up an extra few minutes for?  For the personal workout sessions we will focus on a different section of the body each day.  Lower body, upper body and then core.  There may be an optional bonus session for a steady state cardio or yoga if you’d like to join in as well.  Many details are still in the works.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell.  Again, I feel as if I’m not doing the program justice.  You just can’t get the feel for it until you’re in it.   If you are not happy with your current program or are looking to add to it, give this a try.  Or, if you are looking  to take that first step, this is for you!  Another great thing about Tabata Bootcamp, this program is not choreographed.  Each workout is done to each boot campers own maximum intensity level and at his/her own speed.  Everyone sets his/her own pace and you will all see results!

Any questions, e-mail me at

Please “Like” me on FaceBook. and see you in Tabata Bootcamp!



Cucumber Dill Dip

I finally found a recipe I thought I lost but loved.  Yay!  Passing along so you can enjoy too.

1/2 cup plain nonfat (I used full fat) Greek yogurt

1/2 cup light (I used regular) sour cream

1 cup grated English cucumber

3 Tablespoons chopped fresh dill

1 teaspoon grated garlic

1/4 teaspoon salt (I used Mediterranean Sea Salt)

1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper

Sliced cucumber

Honestly, all I managed to save from the original recipe was my shopping list.  So, not sure what the actual recipe is.  I just combined all the ingredients (except the sliced cucumbers) and set in the fridge for an hour or so.  Then, you get to pull out the sliced cucumbers, the dip and ENJOY!


Are you Fed Up?

“Fed Up”, a new documentary due out tomorrow talks about something that has been on my mind for a while now.  The current state of food in America and what appears to be the battle of American food companies versus our health and more importantly, the health of our children.  So far, I have only seen the trailer for this film.  You can see it for yourself here: but everything I have seen is something I have thought.  I cannot wait for this film to be out!  I hope you will all go and see it.  I hope it makes an impact!  We need to be fed up!

I mentioned briefly in my first blog the statistic that our children will be the first generation to live shorter lives than their parents.  Are you ok with this?  There is something you can do about it!  It’s time for us to not be victim to big business anymore.  It’s time to say we’re not falling for your business plan.  It’s time to say our families, our children, our health matters.  It’s as simple as that!

NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg tried to take a stand and banned sugary soda drinks larger than 16oz sold in restaurants and other eateries.  Was he applauded?  No, he’s been sued by beverage makers and business groups ever since to reverse the ban.  He’s actually been trying to propose a study restricting the purchase of soda by food stamps but the USDA will not approve the pilot study.  I find this very telling.  This tells me exactly where the concerns of the USDA are.  It’s an old political saying, or is it crime scene investigating?  Follow the money!  The USDA pays out over $4Billion (that’s billion with a B) a year for soda with food stamps!  Seems to me the concern is more with the beverage makers and business groups who would risk losing money over the study than the people who might stand to gain from all the sugar they would not be ingesting from not drinking the soda.

A 12oz can of Coca Cola has 39g of sugar!  4 grams is 1 teaspoon of sugar.  For every soda a child has a day their risk of developing type 2 diabetes, something that used to be referred to as adult-onset diabetes goes up by 60%.  In 1980 the # of children who had Type 2 Diabetes was 0.  In 2010, the # of children with Type 2 Diabetes was almost 60,000!!!  Within the next two decades, it is projected that 95% of Americans will be obese.

Are you fed up yet?

What can you do about it?  First of all, stop drinking soda.  Maybe you didn’t agree with his decision because it was being forced upon you but NYC Mayor Bloomberg made a good call.  I applaud him for it!  And no, diet soda isn’t good for you either.  Stop drinking soda.  In my house, it’s a special occasion thing and even then I feel like I’ve just fed my kids crack.  And from what I’ve just learned from the trailer, I may as well have. If you’re an addict, like I admit I used to be, cut it out slowly.  Try cutting back first and then go every other day.  As with everything else you’re trying new that you want to stick; baby steps.  Find other options.  Flavored seltzer water is one.  If you find a flavor you like it’ll help wean you off.  And then, other things will start to fall into place as well.

Do it for you, your health, your kids and your future.  Let’s make sure they have one.  I’m not going to let that statistic determine their future.  Not if I can do anything about it!



What’s your Fabulous?

There’s a story I think of often when I try to remind myself to be a kinder person.  I’ve gotten much better, but like many people (I think anyway) I tend to be quick to judge in my mind when I see someone I don’t know; and even when I do.  I had the opportunity when I was younger, my first real job, to work with my dad.  Every now and then we would go out to lunch together.  One day sitting in a parking lot eating our lunch a girl walked by.  (This was back when those lovely tight black spandex skirts were in style.)  I can’t even remember my comment but it was out loud and it was not very nice.  My father’s response was something along the lines of ‘How do you know she hasn’t just lost a lot of weight and isn’t super proud of she looks right now?’  I was kind of taken aback.  He was right.  Not only was he right and I could understand how that must of felt but now this girl had gone from being rather foolish in my eyes to being amazing since I would never have the guts to parade out in an outfit that formfitting no matter how great I felt about myself.  Good for her!  She must have felt fabulous!

Isn’t is funny how perception changes everything?  How many times have you thought one way about yourself and let that perception carry you through the whole day?  Or, how many times have you thought your hair or outfit or weight was so horrible just to go out and get a compliment on it that very day?  We tend to be so hard on ourselves.  A book I just read speaks to this.  In The Core Balance Diet, Marcelle Pick says, “A woman’s physiology isn’t static; it’s a reflection of her biochemistry, her nutrition, and all the things she’s doing, thinking and feeling – consciously or unconsciously – at a particular time in her life.”  She goes on to discuss a study done by Harvard University researcher, Ellen Langer back in 2007 where a group of 84 hotel housekeepers were studied to gauge the impact of what they were thinking – to see how the perception of how much exercise they were getting would impact their body mass.  Anyone who does housework knows how much energy is used cleaning all day and can imagine what kind of exercise the people were performing on a daily basis simply performing their jobs.  However, despite a workday that consisted of almost nonstop physical activity, 67 percent of these women interviewed did not believe they exercised enough, and their bodies appeared to bear this out with extra weight.  After measuring the women’s body fat, waist-to-hip ratio, blood pressure and bmi, she found that their body types largely matched their perceptions of how much they exercised.  Now here’s the amazing part… Langer split the group in half and let half the group know that they were in fact getting enough exercise but let the other half carry on as usual.  Guess what happened?  After a month, without any other modifications to their day, the half that now understood they were getting enough exercise LOST WEIGHT!  All their other initial assessments improved as well!  Talk about mind over matter.

Tabata Bootcamp creator, Mindy Mylrea in all her 6-minute videos loves to talk about how “Energy begets energy!”  It’s so true.  Expanding on that and furthering my point and Langer’s research above, positive energy begets positive energy.  Or…  “What you think about you bring about!”  This was something Mary Kay Ash used to say, along with things like, “Fake it until you make it!”  We’ve all seen quotes like these come across our FaceBook walls.  They’re inspirational but how much real thought do you give them?  Maybe it’s time to really put these thoughts into practice.  Let everyday day be your day to walk around like you just lost a ton of weight, even if you didn’t.  Because if you do, maybe it’ll kick off something inside of you that will help you achieve something you’ve been trying to accomplish.  It’s time to allow yourself to be fabulous.  Everyday!

And if you ever find yourself in a situation where that self doubt starts to creep in, because you always will because it always does, do like I did…  you call upon whatever support system you have and they will remind you how fabulous you are and then…  you strut!  Because, and this is my final quote and sometimes the hardest one to hold on to but sometimes to most useful when trying to keep yourself fabulous in your own mind, “What other people think of you is none of your business.”  Why?  Because they could just be some ignorant kid like me at lunch with their dad who doesn’t really understand just how fabulous you really are and who needs that to bring you down?  Not you!  So, who cares what they think anyway.  Carry on and be fabulous!