I Love Food

I Love Food!  I really do.  And once upon a time I used to love to bake and cook and eat.  I don’t have much time for a lot of that anymore.  I don’t do as much baking when I do have time though either.  Funny how things change, isn’t it?  There was a time you could walk into my kitchen at any hour and find all the ingredients you needed to make just about any baked good you desired.  Now…  you’d be lucky if you could find flour!  Eggs.  I have eggs!  Well…  I have chickens now so, that’s kind of a given.

So, what changed?  Well, I started paying attention to what I was eating.  Originally, I did it to try to lose weight, as a lot of people do.  Then, I started to notice a trend that started to make me really upset.  As much as there seems to be a growing divide between the “have’s” and the “have-nots” in this world there seems to also be a growing divide between the “real” and the “not-so-real” food out there and most of us don’t seem to quite notice it, at least not right away.

What do I mean?  Well…  how much of what you eat has ingredients in it that you can actually read?  How much of our current “food” is being manufactured instead of grown?  Big business has really managed to make a big business out of food at our expense and the cost is our health.

I have been trying not to buy anything processed.  I try not to buy anything with a lot of sugar in it.  THAT is a huge hurdle since added sugar is everywhere.  I think they need it to mask over the taste of all the crap they throw together in an attempt to create something edible.  When I go grocery shopping, I stick to the perimeter of the store, produce, meat, dairy, etc.  All the interior isles is where a lot of the processed food is kept and what you want to stay away from.  I read an article online recently that talked about the economy and how numbers in the grocery stores did not see any growth at all except in the perimeter of the store.  I was so excited by this news but, of course, the  reaction of big business (they) was what can we do to fix this?  I was so appalled by this?  We should be shouting from the rooftops, “People are finally getting it!  They’re learning!” and be glad that as a nation we are beginning to become healthier in our choices.  But, no!  Big business wants to find ways to lure you back in.

Local farmers and corner markets had to adapt and/or close to succumb to changes and the ways of the times.  Why isn’t big business doing the same?  It’s us.  If we keep buying, they keep selling and making a profit.  Don’t let them.  Maybe it’s time for another shift.  Time to see these local farms and small town stores come back.  Buy local and often, since the good stuff goes bad quickly, not in 12-18 months!  Drive around your towns and get to know your local farmers markets.  Shop your small town shops.  Locally, I’ve got a few favorites of my own and even in the bigger grocery store I know I can buy organic and from local farmers.

So, do I still love food?  Definitely yes!  Am I smarter about what I eat?  Definitely yes!  And guess what, I’m healthier for it now too.


Real Life Fitness

Real Life Fitness?  How many of you currently belong to a gym you never go to?  How many times have you been resigned to begin new program or diet but didn’t see it through to the end?  Or worse, didn’t see the results you wanted or they didn’t stay?  Health and fitness isn’t about jumping onto the latest bandwagon.  It’s about lifestyle and true change.  It’s about something that fits into and becomes a part of your life.  Your real life.  Even if it’s a hectic, crazy-busy life, like mine.

Fitness is something that kind of just happened to me.  Kind of like how becoming overweight or getting sick kind of just happens to a lot of us too.  I tried something once (thanks again, Melissa!) and I loved it.  I was able to follow that one thing down path that lead me to where I am today.  Where I am right now is a place where I love to take everything I have and help others fit health and wellness into their everyday lives.  I wasn’t always here.  And I can see how very easily I won’t always be here if I’m not careful.  In my family we’re not perfect but we do ok.  Even still, in my house I can see how all my boys can eat similar things yet it effects some differently than other’s.  This is a fact of life.  We are all made differently and our bodies all react differently to what we put in them and to what we do with them.  Teaching my children how to manage their health and wellness now so they can never be on the latter end of this battle is one of my most important goals.  This being the first generation that is not expected to outlive it’s parents is a very sobering thought for me; and very saddening.  One I would like to disprove, at least in my own house.

It is so confusing out there right now!  There are so many forms of processed food, additives, allergies, etc.  Everyone has an opinion on which diet is best and why.  When you don’t even know where to start, you’ve got social media everywhere and find yourself bombarded with post after post of articles claiming things like why you shouldn’t eat a banana (a banana!) then I can see why it is so much easier to just throw your hands up in the air and grab whatever is closest to you.  Well, I also happen to love to read.  I read quickly and I find I can take in a lot of information.  It comes in handy when there is so much of it out there.  I love when I can truly talk with someone and find out what they are going through and let them know about something that they might find helpful.  There’s nothing better than being able to take something I know and be able to use that information to help someone else.

I am also a true believer in fate.  Recently, I came across an opportunity to take a new class allowing me to become certified as a Tabata Bootcamp instructor.  I am so excited about this certification for so many reasons.  First of all, it allows me to teach again outside of a gym setting.  Something I have missed immensely!  Obviously, teaching fitness classes is a huge step towards helping people achieve their fitness and wellness goals.  However, Tabata Bootcamp also comes with two other amazing components that are right up my alley…  One is a nutrition component!  The other is a behavior modification component that really teaches you to change your lifestyle.  So, in the end Tabata Bootcamp, a class I just found, has everything I’ve been trying to do all wrapped up in one nice little package.  OK, well it’s an intense butt-kicking package, but still… you get the idea.  I hope you’ll give it a try!