About Me

As well as being a mother of four boys, I am an AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor and am currently studying for my ACE Personal Training certification.   I have been teaching group fitness for over four years and holding small group trainings since early 2014.  I love helping people find ways to include fitness in their lives and hold the following certifications:
– Tabata Bootcamp
– Les Mills BODYPUMP
– Les Mills BODYFLOW
– Healthways SilverSneakers Classic, Cardio, Yoga and Splash
– AFAA Yoga Essentials I & II
– Aquatic Youth Fitness
– Aquatic Peri & Postnatal Fitness


Most importantly, I am just like you!  I juggle home, kids, a husband and even a part time job all while trying to hold onto my sanity.  I blog when I have time and have to schedule my workouts otherwise they tend not to happen.  While we may be very similar in some ways I also understand how each person is unique and comes with their own unique set of circumstances within their life.  I work with people so that they can make what’s important to them a priority.